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WaveMatrix 2 on an Instron Servohydraulic System

Celebrating the 50th Release of Instron’s Fatigue Testing Software with All New Functionality

Available Now for new and existing Instron Test Systems


First introduced in 2007 the WaveMatrix platform has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our customers and their applications. With an average of 4 updates per year there has been hundreds of small enhancements and improvements over the years. After more than 10 years and reaching a milestone of 50 releases, we wanted celebrate with more than just an evolution, more than just an annual face lift and a new splash screen that as consumers we have become so used to.

WAVEMATRIX 2 is a step change for your users and for your research.

WaveMatrix2 Quote

"At Instron, we are committed to providing the most intuitive and user-friendly systems available for materials testing. We believe it is usability which allows all technicians to approach and use an Instron Test System with confidence and deliver the results they need first time, every time."

QuickTest WaveMatrix2 Animation

NEW Quick Test

This guided wizard allows you to set up complete methods with just a few clicks and even fewer input parameters. In seconds you will have a method built for exactly what you need.

Video Tutorials Animation

New Video Tutorials

NEW Video Tutorials

Step by step guide to common WaveMatrix2 features, narrated by an application engineer. All videos are available offline and include a quick search and browse feature. Topics include a wide range from tips and tricks through to advanced functionality.

Example Methods Animation

New Example Methods

NEW Example Methods

Choose from more than 20 Example Methods and explore how they are set up to demonstrate a wide variety of software features. Either go straight to test or modify and save the method to meet your specific testing needs.

Understand Methods at a Glance

Understand Methods at a Glance

  • Color coded control modes for position, load, and strain
  • Graphical representation of waveform including shape, amplitude, direction, and number of cycles

 Scalable and Flexible

Scalable and Flexible

  • Easily add functionality to your method for more complex testing
  • Unlock more power as you need it and keep it simple if you don’t

Customizable Sequence and Workflow

Customizable Sequence and Workflow

  • Rename devices, steps, and data channels to make your test environment and results more intuitive
  • Use loops, events, user interaction, digital inputs, and the trend monitor to control the test workflow

Additional Devices and Functionality

Additional Devices and Functionality

  • Expand your testing capability by adding hardware and software devices to your test method
  • Choose from a long list of devices including a Torsion Actuator, Eurotherm Device, Automatic Transducer Balance, User Input, and many more

Data settings that always work

Simple Points Per Cycle

Simple Points Per Cycle

  • Store 100 points per cycle during cyclic waveforms and 100 points per second on ramp waveforms (user definable)
  • Always keep peak values
Hysteresis Loops and Waveform Fidelity

Hysteresis Loops and Waveform Fidelity

  • Tracking data captures full cyclic information
  • Produce cyclic graphs and hysteresis loops
  • Automatically save more data when values change and less when the test has stabilized
Maximums and Minimums

Maximums and Minimums

  • Peak and trend data values are extracted from cyclic information
  • Synchronized storage with tracking data
  • Easy to access post-test in a dedicated file
Monitoring Changes

Monitoring Changes

  • Turn on the trend monitor for added peace of mind
  • Record additional cycles when peak values fall outside a user defined tolerance band
  • Set reference cycle before or during a test

Data and Traceability

Logs and Traceability

Each test folder contains a timestamp log of all test events along with an archived copy of the test method which was used to produce the results.

Additional Reference Data

Results files include cycle number, step number, and loop number against all results data for easy post-processing.

Grouping Data for Easy Access

Clearly defined folder structure and file types to contain your project data and individual test results.

Compatibility and Analysis

The open CSV file format is ideal for use with Excel.  Use standard tables and graphs for results analysis.

Data and Traceability WaveMatrix2