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Education and Contract Testing Labs

The application range of the AVE 2 allows academic institutions and contract testing laboratories to meet the needs of many of their own customers with one device.

  • Meets a broad range of testing standards including ISO 527, ASTM D638, and D3039
  • Measure modulus and strain to failure of many materials including metals, plastics, composites, textiles, films, elastomers, paper, components, biomaterials and many more
  • Record images of a test with synchronized playback or post test analysis with Digital Image Correlation software specifically designed for materials testing

Designed for Comparison

Customers now enjoy the convenience of comparing 3D Finite Element Analysis to real test data using 2D DIC.


3D Finite Element Analysis can be compared to real test data using 2D DIC
(DIC on the left, SoldWorks FEA on the right)

  • Composite Laminate – Open Hole Tension
  • Complex 2D strain distribution
  • Measure all components of 2D Strain Tensor (Axial, Transverse, Shear) along with Maximum and Minimum Principle Strains

 DIC Acial Strain

                 Axial Strain                                 Shear Strain

Versatility within Environments

Whether testing specimens at non-ambient temperatures in air or immersed in aqueous solutions, the AVE 2 has the versatility to test within many environments.

  • 3119-600 Series chamber at sub-ambient and elevated temperatures in air
  • 3130-100 BioBath for liquid immersion testing at body temperatures

AVE 2 Non-Contacting Extensometer: Accuracy with Versatility

Since a previous Accessories Newsletter about the Instron® 2nd generation video extensometer (AVE 2), customers have been taking full advantage of the extensometer's versatility.  The AVE 2 has been employed for use in both traditional materials testing and more diverse customer applications.  This includes sub-ambient and elevated temperature strain measurement, as well as Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

            Analyze Strain and Displacement Maps


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In addition to the convenience of using an AVE 2 on any frame in your lab, one of the many advantages customers appreciate is the non-contacting strain measurement.

  • No external influence on specimen strain from the extensometer
  • No extensometer weight influence on specimens as AVE does not need to touch specimen
  • No knife edges in contact with delicate specimens means the AVE 2 avoids inducing premature failure on notch sensitive materials
  • Specimen or component may be an awkward size and shape for conventional clip-on extensometers
  • Can be used through failure without damage to the extensometer