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3 Ways Bluehill® Universal Saves You Time

When frustration gets the better of you, our new Bluehill Universal Software offers three new tools to help:

  1. QuickTest allows a novice or expert to begin a test in a matter of seconds
  2. The Operator Dashboard streamlines logistics and ergonomics with its fresh design
  3. Instron® Connect brings Instron support closer than ever

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Not all of us specialize in using materials testing machines. Many of us use them infrequently, but we still expect the results to be accurate and reliable. And there is nothing more frustrating than having to write a whole method to test one prototype, or to get an idea of what load cell to select, if you can't remember how due to infrequent use.

How do you get around it? Do you borrow someone else’s method? Do you use a method you know, knowing the test parameters and specimen dimensions are wrong? Sometimes anything seems better than writing a new method.

Well, fear not. Not only does Bluehill Universal include many pre-written methods for application-specific tests, but it also includes QuickTest.

QuickTest allows you to perform a set of tests quickly with just a few basic parameters, making it ideal for infrequent users or for peak load tests. As a bonus, parameters automatically save from the last-run version of the QuickTest. Without QuickTest, an operator would normally need to go through at least eleven different screens of the method tab to enter the same information.

This allows you to obtain a quick result in a fraction of the time that it would take to write a full method.

Here’s how:

  1. Enter Test Direction: Tensile or Compressive
  2. Enter Test Speed: Up To Maximum Frame Speed

These are the minimum requirements.

Next, simply touch the “Start” button and the test will begin. As load is applied, a graph begins plotting and live displays show the data being recorded. When failure occurs, one of the live displays will show maximum load. With the test complete, upon touching the “Finish” button, the selected results and raw data outputs are activated.

Talk about quick and efficient!

Bluehill Universal QuickTest

Operator Dashboard

Have you ever considered how much room a traditional desktop PC and monitor occupy? In many labs, space is at a premium, where you pay per square meter, or foot, for any space used. If you could reduce the space you use in the test environment, you could also reduce some of the cost, or be able to use the space more productively.

Depending on the system you're using, Bluehill Universal's Operator Dashboard can save between 15 - 55% of benchtop space. This means that if you replaced between two and three desktop systems with the Operator Dashboard, you could fit an additional machine in the saved space.

Bluehill Universal Saves Space
Not only does the Operator Dashboard save space, it also optimizes a user’s workflow to be more ergonomic, increasing efficiency by removing the distance required to interact with each element of the system. This eliminates the need to move from keyboard to mouse and back again. The touch of a button or swipe of a switch streamlines this interaction. To further maximize comfort and convenience, the Operator Dashboard is typically mounted to the machine column via a fully adjustable bracket.

Simplify your testing logistics!
Instron Family with Bluehill Universal

Instron Connect

Instron continually strives to improve the customer experience, and Instron Connect is an important new part of that. Our unrivaled application expertise and best-in-class service allows us to provide the best ownership experience and customer satisfaction. Instron Connect is a powerful communication platform that brings our support engineers closer to your instruments and your organization.

Service Person

So How Does Instron Connect Work?

Instron Connect monitors the status, operating parameters, and configuration of the Instron machines in your facility - only with your permission, of course. It does this through a software-based monitoring agent built into your Instron testing system. The agent, controlled completely by you, can communicate securely with the Instron Connect cloud server. With this secure connection, you can receive timely software update notifications and calibration reminders. In addition, if diagnosis of an issue on your system is required, you may choose to provide access for an Instron support engineer to diagnose the system remotely via screen sharing with built-in remote audio capabilities. Once diagnosed, the problem may then be corrected immediately, as in the case of a necessary software update or other configuration adjustment.

Find a partner in Instron Connect!

Now that you know a little more about how Bluehill Universal can enhance testing, request a demo today to experience it in your lab.