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The New Accessory Catalog is Here!

Packed full of detailed product and application information, the new 7th Edition Accessory Catalog is designed to help you find accessories to fit all of your testing needs. So whether you’re exploring new testing applications or you just need to replace a worn fixture, the new accessory catalog makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

7th Edition Accessories Catalogs

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Accessories for the Biomedical Industry

New Section in the 7th Edition Accessory Catalog [Page 353]

Over the past decade, the medical device and biomaterials industries have experienced tremendous amount of growth and innovation combined with substantial increases in regulatory requirements, which has introduced a wide variety of new testing challenges. As a leading global manufacturer of materials testing solutions, Instron® has developed a number of new testing fixtures and accessories specifically designed for testing medical devices and biomaterials, enabling labs to meet a variety of industry standards.

Learn more about Instron biomedical testing solutions HERE.

 Torsion Add-on Syringe
New Tension Torsion Add-On

Pneumatic Grips

New Section in the 7th Edition Accessory Catalog [Page 168]

Pneumatic side-action grips offer a versatile and effective solution for gripping a wide range of materials and specimen types.

 Pneumatic Grips Family

Advantages of Pneumatic Grips


✓ Increased Productivity

  • Quick change jaw faces can be changed in seconds without the use of tools or pins
  • Adjustable jaw face opening and closing speeds allow for quicker cycle times
  • Quick release air line makes connecting and disconnecting the air supply simple

✓ Improved Repeatability

  • Self-centering design ensures axiality of loading, even with different specimen thicknesses
  • Specimen alignment stop allows for fast and repeatable specimen positioning
  • Notch on jaw face, or jaw face shield, guides repeatable specimen positioning

✓ Safer Gripping

  • Adjustable jaw face shields reduce pinch hazard and minimize access to the moving faces
  • Air flow control can slow the grip closure speed to reduce the pinch hazard risk
  • Larger throat area provides more space for fingers when loading samples
Learn more about pneumatic side-action grips HERE.

Bluehill Universal and New Operator Dashboard

New Section in the 7th Edition Accessory Catalog [Page 270]


Built from the ground-up for touch interaction, Bluehill Universal offers a new layout and enhanced features, giving users a simpler, cleaner interface for their testing system. The large touchpoints and intuitive touch gestures offer a renewed, yet familiar software environment for all Instron users. The new Operator Dashboard includes both the hardware and software necessary to get you on the path to simpler testing routines and refreshingly faster workflows.

Key Features



QuickTest, a new standard feature of Bluehill Universal, allows users to start tests quickly as it only takes a few seconds to enter your parameters. This is ideal for users looking to run very simple peak-force types of tests, or for users who need to run a quick test with a single ramp. It’s also particularly useful for those who are unfamiliar with Bluehill method building.

Quick Test

Instron Connect 


The unrivaled applications expertise and best-in-class services offered by Instron establishes us as the leader in customer satisfaction with the best ownership experience. Instron Connect, available as part of Bluehill Universal, introduces a powerful communication platform that brings our support engineers even closer to your organization.

  • Securely share your screen to observe support engineers troubleshooting in real-time
  • Submit service requests directly through the system
  • Easily send test methods and test sample data files for review
  • Maintain your lab's certification with calibration reminders and easy scheduling to avoid unnecessary downtime
  • Get automatic software update notifications so you can be sure your Instron system is always running in optimal condition 
 Submit Service Requests
 Faster Resolution

Export Tools


The only thing more important than the data created by the Instron system is what you do with it afterwards. Bluehill Universal offers many options for exporting test results and raw data. Upon completing a sample of tests, users can automatically export a professional report, or create a customized output file with custom-formatted tables of method parameters, test results, raw data, and graphs, ready to export into a wide variety of formats or import into a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

 Exporting Tools

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Environmental Chambers

New Section in the 7th Edition Accessory Catalog [Page 75]

To accommodate a wider range of temperature testing applications, Instron has added more options to our line of environmental chambers, including:

 Environmental Chamber

3119-615 | Extra tall chambers for high elongating materials.

3119-616, 3119-617, and 3119-618 | For use where multiple tension and compression load strings are required, without removing the primary load string. For example, composites and metals testing alignment requirements. 

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