Software for Pendulum Impact Tests

Built on our popular and adaptive Bluehill platform, Bluehill Impact is Instron’s newest and most powerful impact testing software. Bluehill Impact is designed for touch interaction through its meticulously-crafted visual interface, featuring large touchpoints and intuitive gestures to make the user experience simpler and smarter than ever before. Bluehill Impact not only increases the power and flexibility found in previous versions of Instron’s impact testing software, it also boasts many advanced capabilities such as pre-loaded test methods, real-time analog dials with digital data, and enhanced reports and data exporting.

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Effortless Impact Testing

Bluehill Impact Test Screen

Test Screen

The test screen integrates a simple control chart that can be easily configured
to show standard deviation, averages, or acceptance range.
Bluehill Impact System Check

System Check

A simple 3 step process allows operators to perform system checks at chosen intervals.

  • Visual Inspection
  • Zero Friction Validation
  • Windage and Friction Loss Test

Implementing this 3 step check for your operators will always ensure that testing is done correctly.



Impact Energy Dial

Real-Time Modern Dial

The real-time analog dial simulates the traditional style of reading impact energy and gives it a modern touch.

  • Integrated digital reading of absorbed energy
  • Arrow indicating current position of the pendulum
  • Analog indication of the absorbed energy of the test
  • To indicate a failed test, the dial turns red if the results fall outside of the user-defined acceptance range
  • Acceptance criteria indicated visually on the data



Advanced Capability without the Complexity
Bluehill Impact Software Customizable Exports

Advanced Data Exporting

Whether you need a polished PDF report or a customized file to integrate with your lab information management system, Bluehill Impact’s exporting tools have the flexibility to report results, user inputs, raw data, graphs, and other information.

Automatic Exporting

Bluehill Impact, Bluehill 3, and Bluehill Universal testing platforms can all be configured to automatically export various test parameters and results to a database at the end of each test. Your impact testing machine can be connected to the same database as your universal testing machine, allowing users to search for data across different machines or even different labs.

Laboratory Database


With the TrendTracker Viewer you can search Bluehill test specimens based on a specimen property, test parameter, or a calculation result. No more file-searching and copy-paste.

Absorbed Energy Chart

Sort, Group, and Visualize Trends

Within the tabular view you can group the data by any column by simply dragging the column header to the grouping area. You can also apply descriptive statistics like mean and standard deviation to subgroups, as well as to the entire dataset. Create control charts, like an Xbar-R or Xbar-S chart with right subsampling, and see how the product quality measures up against your specification limits.

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