Today's testing laboratories and manufacturers have a wide variety of material and component testing needs. To meet these varying requirements, Instron has several accessories designed to help interface with external equipment and measuring devices.

Sensor Conditioning Module

Sensor Conditioning Modules

Instron® sensor conditioning modules (SCM) have been exclusively designed for use in materials testing and provide synchronized testing data with your digital signal processor. Adding an SCM to an existing system allows for additional measuring devices to be used during a test and provides closed-loop strain control where possible. On most systems, users can add up to two SCMs which are compatible with Instron extensometers, LVDTs, and load cells, as well as other +/- 10 V DC output devices.

Catalog no. Controller Series
2210-885 6800
2210-880 3400 and 3300A
2210-862 5900 and 5500A
2210-869 3300
2210-860 5500

Expansion Channel Module

Expansion Channel Module

The Expansion Channel Module allows 6800 and 5900 Series Electromechanical Testing Systems users to add up to eight channels of signal conditioning and control. All signals are monitored simultaneously and in parallel without any reduction in overall system performance or data collection capability. The Expansion Channel Module works by housing up to eight Instron Signal Conditioning Modules (SCMs) in a chassis that is connected to the 6800 or 5900 Series testing system by a short cable.

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Analog Output and Digital Input Output Board

Analog Output & Digital Input/Output Board

The digital I/O board is an optional card which can be added to 6800, 5900, 5500A, and 5500 Series frames. Digital communication, unlike analog, does not sense continuous signals but inputs or outputs of one of two states: high or low, open or closed. The card used in conjunction with the frame and Bluehill® software allows the operator to trigger external or internal events. It allows for 4 input and output channels to be monitored and/or triggered simultaneously.

Catalog no. Controller Series
2310-907 6800, 5900, 5500A and 5500
2310-906 5500
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