Upgrading your system with the latest controller and software enables you to increase productivity, reduce overhead, and improve the reliability of results. Upgrading can also help you avoid costly downtime due to aging mechanical components and electronics. Some upgrades and improvements will unlock new functionality and features not previously available to you, while still retaining your core system and minimizing costs. Upgrading your machine allows you to retain your existing load frame, grips, and load cells, while replacing the older components and software. The result is a revitalized testing system at a fraction of the cost of new testing equipment.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades provide significant functionality and performance improvements: improved reporting, new calculations, and compatibility with current operating systems.

Controller Upgrades

Upgrading to the latest control electronics provides unsurpassed responsiveness, high accuracy, improved test control, and cyclic, multi-test segment capability.


Assure accurate repeatable test results & extend your system’s useful life – refurbish test system components which wear with time and use, e.g. hoses & actuators.


An EXTEND™ upgrade ensures your testing system will be equipped with the industry's most advanced testing software, electronics, and instrumentation - allowing it to produce more repeatable and accurate results for years to come.

Product Life Cycle Policy

The Product Life Cycle Policy is intended to help plan for the ultimate evolution of your Instron testing system and provide recommendations on how to move forward. Instron is dedicated to meeting customer needs. Keeping you informed is our duty as a responsible supplier.